We are all enjoying this wonderful ride, as technology gives us new tools that connect us to the people and the world around us.

Just a few years ago broad global communication required someone to have expensive video cameras, satellite trucks, video editing suites, television and recording studios, and a complete distribution channel. Now, with your smartphone and the Internet, you have technology in your pocket that replaces all of these things. You can capture, edit, and communicate the stories of your life around the world instantly. It’s amazing!

The hardware is available today, but the software does not yet fulfill the vision. It should be easy for everyone to create compelling, meaningful and durable stories with their phone, and instantly share them with one friend or a few million friends around the globe.

We’re thinking about all kinds of stories – including what makes your product or business great, how fun your vacation adventure was, a re-cap of a kid’s soccer tournament, how to change spark plugs, maker projects and creative storytelling that captures human personality and beliefs.

Anything that has a narrative sequence, and can be captured with photos, video, voice and text is a story. We are building the software to help you capture that media and add your thoughts and perspective with editing, text and narration – and instantly distribute it to everyone.

Exciting things are happening in media right now. It’s like déjà vu. We have seen these kinds of emerging opportunities before:

We believe that the opportunity to build a tool for telling stories with your phone is as big and exciting as any of these advances. Experience tells us that the best way to create an amazing product is to listen to a community of users that believes in the vision, uses it, tests the limits, and then gives us feedback on where it needs to go.

Instagram or iMovie?

Today, when people want to share a story – something that’s happened to them or important to them – they probably turn to their social network and create a Facebook post, a Tweet, or post a photo to Instagram. This is good for quick updates, but not well suited for telling rich stories with depth and valuable detail.

On the other hand, when people really want to communicate a complete story that has structure and is meaningful, the primary option is to create a video using editing tools like iMovie and Premiere – which is a huge leap in commitment of time and effort to learn the software. And is it really worth spending the whole weekend creating this story? And with video, it’s really hard to do well. People have high expectations set by what they see on TV and in the movies. Creating a great video requires a seasoned understanding of pacing, transitions, audio mixing, and a lot more.

There are a number of apps that try to make video “easy”. They take your photos or video and automatically create a fast-paced video with a soundtrack using fancy transitions and effects to enhance the impact. You can get a flashy looking “music video”, but we think it’s hard to tell a compelling or deep story with this cookie-cutter kind of tool.

Both ends of the Instagram to iMovie spectrum work well for some uses, but we think there is an exciting space in between the two. A place where you can create a story with more depth and narrative than a quick photo with description, and doesn’t require the herculean effort of video editing. Enter Explory.