Using Explory

Our goal is that Explory will be so easy and intuitive to use that you will not require any instructions. However, there are lots of great features that you might not discover right away, so here is an overview of how it works.

An explory is a collection of photos, videos, and text images that play back like a slideshow. The viewer can control the pace and can choose to ignore or navigate to more detailed content. Images can be narrated and background music or audio tracks can also be added.

Starting and Login

When you first run Explory, you will see a variety of images on the screen, these are public stories that you can view. You can pinch or spread to see more or less tiles in the grid.

You can press "Sign up" to create your account, but you don't need to create an account until you want to share a story. When you do create an account, you can use any email address you wish, it does not have to be the address this mail came to.

Watching Explories

When you tap on a story to open it, you will be able to play the story by tapping on the main image or the play button in the left menu. If the left menu is not on the screen you can drag it out using the handle.

Viewing Actions

Story Navigation

Story Ideas

Explory scans through your Camera Roll and Photo Albums and collects together pictures you took on the same day or at a specific location and assumes that they might be a good start for a story. If you tap on one of these, it will automatically create the draft story for you, and you will be in create mode. When it creates the story, it assumes that photos taken very closely together in time, should be a group, and it puts them as detailed images below the first one in the sequence.


You can create stories by pressing the + button in the upper right of the home screen (new blank story) or by tapping on a Story Idea in your list (for a draft story). You will then see the following menu items.


When you have images in your story you can arrange them in a few different ways:

Creation Tips

When adding photos or videos, tapping on the date text selects all the content from that day, so you don’t have to tap each individual image.

Sharing Stories

By default, stories are private and only accessible to people who have the link to the story. Use the Share button to change your story from private to public so that others can view it. You can also purchase a subscription and decide to store your explories on our cloud servers.

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