Making Storytelling Easier

Explory makes it easy for you to create a story, easy for you to share a story, and importantly, easy for viewers to have a great experience viewing your story.

1. Creating Stories

To create a story you simply organize and prioritize your photos and videos then add your thoughts and context with voice, text and music.

Story Ideas: We use time and location to automatically start you off with story ideas right from your photo library – you just pick out the best elements and you’ve got the start of a story. Then add image captions, text slides, music, and voice narration. You can rearrange the order of your story and decide what are the most important parts, and what’s secondary. Or start with a blank canvas or your own structure and directly shoot stills and videos within the app to fill in your story.

Because you’re seamlessly mixing photos, audio, text and video in Explory, you don’t need to have a lot of perfect video shots to tell a good story – you can fill in any gaps with photos and narration.

Explory has a powerful feature called continuous publishing – share your story right away, while you continue to work on it and add to it, refine it, and make it better.

Since Explory is cloud based, you can start your story on your phone and then move over to a tablet and continue to work on it. In the future, if you want to add content you have stored elsewhere, you’ll be able to continue working on your story in a desktop browser and pull content in from a digital camera or camcorder, your hard-drive libraries, or your favorite photo storage service.

2. Sharing Stories

When you decide to share your story, Explory will store it at high quality in the cloud and deliver it to your friends or customers optimized for viewing on their device – whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer.

You can easily post to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ – or use email and text messaging to share it. In the future, you will be able to embed the story directly into your blog or website.

You have the choice of keeping a story private, or making it public. Share your story with the world – and discover other great stories – in our public story gallery.

3. Viewing Stories

This is where it gets even more exciting. One of the biggest innovations is that your story is not a linear video – it’s an interactive experience. Explory has a natural, touch interface. So when you’re watching a story, if there’s something you want to skip past, just swipe it off and move on to the next part. Or if something catches your eye and you want to dig deeper into one area of the story, you can choose to explore additional content. The viewer has control – you can have a “sit back” experience like watching television, or have it be more interactive, like gracefully surfing a multimedia website – it up to you.

Giving the viewer control makes them part of the editing process. They get a great customized experience that’s just the right length and depth for them, and you didn’t have to spend hours trying to get the perfect edit.

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